Staff Augmentation Services

Our experienced engineers will deliver the ultimate outcomes without the hiring hassles.

At ITExpertUS, We strive to help businesses put together a staff of highly efficient and skilled professionals, and also serve employees by opening up new vistas of job opportunities for them. Staff Augmentation Company in Chicago We take pride in lending our hand in creating the kind of professional environment that would fulfill the mission and vision that enterprises are built upon. What’s more, we are operating in a highly dynamic and diversified global markets.

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Large talent pool of IT professionals
Resumes in hand within 24-48 hours
Direct Placement
Entry level to executive and managerial level candidates available
Short or long term IT resources
Scale up or down to meet changing resource demands
Grow your business with quality people
Develop your IT infrastructure, fill critical skills gaps
Add specialized capabilities to tackle new, challenging projects
Maintain quality control by outsourcing less work
Reduce IT staffing and consulting costs


Our Services

Permanent Hiring
Finding the right person for the job is crucial to the success of your business. Find the right person with ITExpertUS database of pre-screened, qualified workers. We allow you to tap into our network to find right-fit talent. The best part of it is, we do all the work for you. All you have to do is choose.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
You understand your organization’s talent needs better than anybody. ITExpertUS has better experience, experts and technology than any other RPO. Together, we can partner to get you the right talent that drives your business forward.

Temporary to Hire
Seizing business opportunities when they are presented is the key to growth. Sometimes these opportunities can be unclear whether they are long-term options or just a short-term trend. Temporary to hire recruitment is your opportunity to harness these occasions for growth while minimizing your risk exposure. Whether that new business idea takes off, or you can’t remember how you managed before your temporary hire, we’re here to help convert them to a permanent member of your team.

Temporary & Contract
How you manage cyclical or seasonal staffing opportunities can put you ahead of your competitors. Contract or temporary hires are a cost-effective solution to meet fluctuations in demand. We provide qualified, experienced staff that are available as long as you need, building you a flexible, dependable workforce. Or maybe you want to test the limits of your expanding business capabilities while mitigating the risk of committing to permanent hires. ITExpertUS’s trusted team of advisors can help you find the right person, right now.

Our Sourcing Methodology
We deliver a fully comprehensive sourcing strategy that covers standard forms of sourcing as well as innovative solutions to ensure we are attracting the most suitable candidates in the market. Staff Augmentation Company in Chicago We work with each of our clients to develop a sourcing solution based on a combination of the following.

International database
We offer one of the most extensive candidate databases, with all job seekers interviewed and screened prior to registration.

argeted search
We have a dedicated research team that analyzes the market to identify the most suitable talent for your organization.

We have built up an extensive candidate network. Each consultant also has a personal network of contacts from which to gauge interest and solicit referrals. Online Advertising/Social Media As one of the largest national and international advertisers, we guarantee prime visibility in print and online media to ensure maximum response.

We believe each tech discipline is an industry in and of itself and worthy of full dedication. ITExpertUS hyper-specialized and localized field teams focus on only one tech category to build deep marketplace knowledge and highly relevant, extensive, and actionable networks for your benefit.