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    • PoC For ML/Ai Solution

    Think you have a great solution in mind and want to build out an initial version? We’ll help you prove it out and look at a potential market.

    • ML/AI Tools Dev

    Looking you have us build out of the box ready software tools for your business? We develop and build your software systems for you.

    • Ml/AI Consulting

    Building a software system or SaaS and want to make it smart? We’ll help guide you through the ai world and help you avoid any downturns in the project.

    Solutions Looking For A Solution That Works?

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    Data Analytics / Dashboard

    Assessments, Roadmaps & Strategy

    More than a decade of BI, Analytics and DW practice have produced functional, procedural and technical expertise beyond the average consulting firm. When it comes to assessments and roadmaps, we deliver a successful plan where business and IT work together, with the right methodology and tools to achieve your goals.

    Enterprise Reporting

    We help you create accurate, secure and meaningful insights that provides a better reporting system for your business. With Enterprise Reporting, you can deliver business users real value through reports that are easy to understand and accessible across various devices.

    Data Visualizations

    Using analytics to uncover insights from data is crucial for fact-based decision making. No matter your analytics initiative, we can show you how to create meaningful dashboards and visualisations not only to communicate information more clearly, but to identify, define, plan, deliver and track your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


    With the demand for seamless views of data from office to mobile devices, our mobile solutions give you access to the latest data at any given time or location. Our experts at ITExpertUS can help your Organisation improve business insights by delivering quick, accessible visualisations in a timely manner allowing an ease of use and an engaging experience.

    Real-time/Operational BI

    Real-time business intelligence enables business users to get up-to-the-minute data by accessing operational systems or loading business transactions into a real-time DW or BI system. It provides detailed information for instant decision making for those companies that require live and immediate response. Let us show you the way!

    Location Intelligence (LI)

    Location intelligence puts the “where” in your BI strategy by enabling you to explore, analyse and respond to relationships between location and business data. Whether you want to expand to different markets or grow within a specific industry, our experts can help solve site location questions, target customers, optimise resources and more.

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